Large-Format Artwork to Mount on your Wall

Do you need a picture to fill up a large, empty wall space in your home or office? Maybe it has to be a particular shape, much larger than standard, or ‘widescreen’ (16:9) format. The colors will also need to match or complement your room. How about an original oil painting?

These types of bespoke requirements are difficult to fulfill, even if you manage to find a picture that you actually like. As an artist, I am in the lucky position of being able to ‘create’ pieces of art that inspire me, but that also blend in perfectly with the dimensions and colors of my home.

My name is Elena, and I would like to introduce you to the art that is part of my everyday life… It could also be a part of yours.

Artwork for all budgets

Original artwork is not cheap to acquire. The materials used and sheer number of hours involved can result in a considerable price tag. But what use is art if it can’t be shared?

I would like to share my art with as wide an audience as possible. For this reason, I have made my work available in a variety of formats. You can of course purchase an original oil-on-canvas painting, but you can also order a full-size print on canvas, hi-resolution image files that you can download and print yourself, or lower-resolution image files that you can enjoy on your monitor or website.

Elena Bondar oil-on-canvas

Want to go really big?

We can blow our images up to almost two metres whilst still retaining the perfect clarity and colour of the original paintings.

The images on our website show the proportions of the original work (the length to height ratio – or ”aspect ratio” of the original). All of our large format artwork is offered in the aspect ratio of the original work. If you would like to alter the aspect ratio of the original to fit within a certain wall space then please contact us. We receive these types of request all the time and can usually digitally edit the artwork to fit the space according to your exact specifications. 

We define large format as artwork with external dimensions of greater than 36”x 48”, the largest common standard size for frames.

Elena Bondar palette knife


Order canvas prints – Up to 5 feet wide
We offer a range of large-format un-mounted canvas prints, scanned from my original oil paintings. These range in sizes from 75 x 50 cms to 137 x 71 cms. These are also great to offer to your friends and family as gifts.

Elena Bondar

Q & A with Elena Bondar

Find out a little more about myself and my work: How I got started, how and where I get my inspiration, and where I’m heading.

picture frame

For our Maltese customers, we offer a number of framing options. You can choose a simple Museum wrap, or small/large format decorative wooden frames.

postal tubes

Purchase an original oil painting
If you’ve always wanted your own oil painting, then why not buy the original? Many of my original oil-on-canvas paintings are available for purchase, still at reasonable prices –starting from €71.

what I'm working on now

On the Easel
Find out what I’m working on right now.

tube of oil paint

Commission your own painting
Do you have a very special photo or image that you would like to have preserved forever in an oil painting? I can transform your image into a piece of art that you can keep for yourself or offer to your family.

Want it right now? Download hi-resolution images

If you’re in a hurry, you can download hi-resolution PDF images and get them printed yourself. These image files are scanned directly from the original oil paintings, and are suitable for printing on canvas (up to 5 feet wide at 100-200 dpi). You can send these images to your local print shop to have them printed at any size up to and including the specified print size.

 The large PDFs look great when printed and mounted on an expansive wall space. A 2.75 inch (7 cm) ‘Museum style‘ white margin is added to each side of the picture to allow for stretching/mounting.