Fantasy Flamingos by Elena Bondar
Fantasy Flamingos

A pair of pink flamingos take flight against the background of a Grecian lunar eclipse. Fantasy Flamingos is one of my earlier paintings, completed around the same time as Maelstrom, which also uses the fantasy theme.

Many works of fantasy employ mythological bird-like creatures such as the Phoenix, the Roc and the Griffin. These creatures are often selected because of their symbolic or metaphoric value. For example, the Phoenix is often used to invoke an image of fierce rebirth. In my vision, the Flamingo represents graciousness and style, combined with innocence and peace: Virtues which are surely not limited to the fantasy world.


Pixels: 4985 x 2985 pixels (56.8 MP)
Image Size: 42 x 25 inches (118 ppi)
Format: PDF (3.41 MB)
Price: €12.10

Behind the Canvas

Fantasy Flamingos depicts a pair of fantastical pink birds – similar to flamingos – soaring up into the dark-blue moonlit sky. Birds provide a rich source of character and symbolism in all forms of art, and this is my attempt to render these creatures in oil paints. Although avian symbolism is often used to evoke the sense of nature and a healthy mother earth, it is also associated with mystery and the unknown. This is a subject to which I hope to return in my future work.

About Fantasy Flamingos

Downloadable large-format PDF image scanned from Elena’s original oil painting. This is a medium-sized PDF, ideally suited for printing on canvas. A 2.75 inch (7 cm) ‘Museum style’ white margin is added to each side of the picture to allow for stretching/mounting. After completing the payment process, you will immediately receive a download link for your picture.