Autumn Forest - Elena Bondar
Autumn Forest

This is the beautiful, dark and mysterious autumn forest of my childhood. I would spend many an afternoon roaming through the trees in search of mushrooms and other edibles for my mother. It was during these early years that I developed a connection with and understanding of nature in its simplest yet most complex form. This manifested itself most vividly in the living forest on my doorstep.


Pixels: 5126 x 3390 pixels (49.7 MP)
Image Size: 49 x 32 inches (105 dpi)
Format: PDF (32 MB)
Price: €21

Behind the Canvas

Autumn Forest delivers a calm and relaxing aura wherever it is displayed – more so when placed in a room with plenty of sunlight. Measuring around 4-foot by 2½-foot, it is a sizeable and detailed image, greatly enhanced by the additional of a traditional wooden frame.

About Autumn Forest

Downloadable large-format PDF image scanned from Elena’s original oil painting. This is a medium-sized PDF, ideally suited for printing on canvas. A 2.75 inch (7 cm) ‘Museum style‘ white margin is added to each side of the picture to allow for stretching/mounting. After completing the payment process, you will immediately receive a download link for your picture.